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My Cycle Of Life

By 12:07 PM

When i was a child, i believed in chocolates and sweets. They're cheering up my day, with the wonderfully blissful feeling i get every time i popped into my eager mouth. Until my teeth become gongak and im looking cute in smile. hehe But it was terrible thing in my life cause people around me asking "where is your gigi ha..?"

My child life is wonderful, i play with Barbie doll and occupied my free time, letting me comb her silky hair and dressing up all the glamarous dress with heels high. Having put my imagine i'm as a beautiful like a her and wanna go out to high class event, with a handsomeful man.

When i was in secondary school, i'm always thinking about my enjoyment time, chill up with friends cause we are teens now. A big superwomen my to walking on earth. "(Riang riang ria)". Always make my parents worried about me with cinta monyet without story ending. Learn about make up with sexy and smokey eyes, put a pink blusher with super red lipstic colour. "Sungguh menakutkan.. macam hantupun ada."   

After finished my SPM and waiting for a result i believed in studying overseas it just hopping. "So University tempatan pun jadila". But i'm put struggle on myself to makesure i will become success in life. I have adventure in my blood, exploration in my body, thirst for knowledge in my mind.

When i was being adult "(make sure call me as a women okey)",so now im 25. Scared to become chubby and love in muslimah fashion. I realised that i was the master of life with the strings and aiming success in working field. Im believed in dreaming married with a good man which has knowledge, career and faithful. Dreaming on cute baby, flutters her little fingers and wriggles her tiny toes, imitating the butterflies in my stomach. It was a spectrum of colours, like moon brighten my whole life and the star sparkling on sky. I know you always be there for me feeling like owl miss the brighten moon. For me it is a beautiful memoirs, love is a garden of blossom. 

Looking back, i realised that life is a cycle of roda, having on road, either taken is already there or constructed by own hands with keizinan Allah. Time is merely marker of us, to let us know how far we have gone, how much we have been trough.

From now, my age growing older, im really frighten on it, i make sure do exercise as often and taking care of foot i'll be intake. I want to stay healthy, maintain a young functioning body. I need to be stronger and stay there for my family im loving it.


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